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Magnificent Mexican Folk Arts & Crafts Arbol de la Vida  by  one of the Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art Oscar Soteno from Metepec, Mexico.

Oscar's work has been exhibited in leading museums of the world, including London's British Museum, and he has been commissioned by celebrities and world leaders, including Pope John Paul II

Oscar is the youngest artisan to ever receive the coveted Fomento Cultural Banamex award in Mexico  at the age of 23.  In 1995 he earned the Presidential Award at the National Ceramic Awards in Tlaquepaque.

"work stands apart for his great attention to detail, in that he models the clay by hand and employs very little integral wire in the structures." (Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art)

is prominently featured in the book Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art.

This is a gorgeous example of Oscar's art. This beautiful tree features many of the most popular handicrafts created in Mexico. Laquerware, textiles, Talavera pottery, Tonala ceramics...even a little tree of life at the top!

An impressive treasure of folk art!

" Tall   18" Wide  7" Deep
Signed by the Artist.



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