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Icons of Mexican Culture

  Stunning fine art clay sculpture by Master Potter Tiburcio Soteno.  This is an example of an artist that can produce folk art as well as fine art. Tiburcio calls this type of Arbol de la Vida, "retablo" because it doesn't have any wires.

This sculpture presents icons of Mexico's history and culture: Our Lady of Guadalupe, Father Hidalgo, Emiliano Zapata, Subcomandante Marcos, a Mayan man from Palenque, an Aztec Warrior or Caballero Aguila, a Mariachi musician and a Deer dancer, the Eagle devouring a serpent and Christopher Columbus' Carabela.

Featured in the exhibition , "Great Masters of Mexican Popular Art"are several  Trees of Life by Tiburcio Soteno. The exhibition was shown a few months ago in  Casa de America, Madrid, and at the Dallas Museum of Art. After its Dallas showing, the exhibition will be seen in The Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum in Chicago from February 15 to May 26.  The National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution, in New York will host this exhibition after May 26.



29.5" Tall  21" Width





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