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Read About: The Art of Metepec: Arboles de la Vida

Monumental Trees of Life

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Arbol de la Vida Tiburcio Soteno

Clay Sculpture Mexican Icons

Tiburcio Soteno
40" Tall  27" Width
"Scenes of Mexican History"

Tibucio Soteno
" Tall  21" Width
"Icons of Mexican Culture"

Tibucio Soteno
28" Tall  27" Width
"Homage to Frida Kahlo"

Day of the Dead

Moises Soteno
30" Tall  26.5" Wide
"Day of the Dead"

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Arbol de la Vida, Tree of Life

    For more than 100 years Metepec, in the State of Mexico, has been known for its unique ceramic creations, mainly the Arbol de la Vida, tree of life, a clay sculpture covered with flowers, leaves and biblical figures. Trees of life used to have as a central theme the Garden of Eden. Nowadays many other stories are recounted through this splendid clay sculptures….Mexico’s history, the Day of the Dead, The Nativity, Noah’s Ark... some are even autobiographical, telling the potter’s or the customer’s own story

Generally the arboles should be "read"  from bottom to top. In this case, on the lower level of the tree we can see the Creation, Pre-historic American Man, and the Aztecs.


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